Friday Favourites


I’ve decided I really like sharing all the things I’m loving with you guys. And sharing awesome stuff is a super awesome way to start the weekend! I don’t think this needs much more of an introduction, so let’s get to it! Brooks Glycerin’s I received this as part of my partnership with the Shoppers […]

Woo, Thursday!

I probably don’t need to warn you that this -ish is going to be all over the place today, but guys, this -ish is going to be all over the place today Thank goodness for Amanda, right?! In one week (one week!) I’ll be boarding a plane to Minneapolis to meet up with my best […]

Wild Workout Wednesday and Marathon Training


Good morning and happy Wednesday! I’m so glad this week is a short week for me   Actually, I don’t have to work a 5-day work week until the week of June 22 and then again until July 20! Short weeks in the summer months are my favourite! Since I missed recapping my workouts on […]

I Am Enough


The timing of this prompt from Jessica and Jill is pure perfection. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about feeling enough and believing I’m enough, so now it’s time to talk about it. Last week on Wednesday I headed out for a run. I wasn’t feeling awesome about it, but knew I needed to get […]

Happy Birthday to Me!


Hey! Guess what?! It’s my birthday! WHEE! I know I normally recap my workouts on Monday, but that’s just going to have to wait until tomorrow Wednesday (you’ll see why) because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Waaaaay back in January, I decided I knew what I was going to get myself for my birthday. I’m super excited […]

The Mapmaker’s Children


Have you ever wanted something so badly you’d do whatever you could to get it? Something that all-consumed your life and you didn’t care (or consider) who you might hurt in you quest to get there? The Mapmaker’s Children moves from the present to the past with two intertwined stories. Reading the book, I kept […]

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday my friends! It’s been a good week and I’m pumped to share with you some of my favourites heading into the weekend! Polette Eyewear Almost immediately after I received my Firmoo glasses, I heard about Polette. It’s a similar site in that they have funky glasses that are relatively inexpensive. One thing I […]


Empowered with Swoob Cowgirl Runs

Empower – make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Reading the definition, empower is a pretty strong word, isn’t it. To be confident in controlling your life and claiming your rights. One of the biggest changes I saw in my life after I started running was feeling […]

10 Tips for Your First Race


Congratulations for biting the bullet and signing up for your first race It’s both terribly exciting and maybe a bit scary because you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do next. Well, I hope you’ve been following a training plan – if not, I highly recommend finding one. You can pop on over here for […]

Motivate Me Monday: 5/11


Sometime over the weekend, or before the weekend, something updated on my blog and made it so I couldn’t log in until I fiddled around on the back-end and hoped I didn’t break everything forever and ever and ever. That run-on sentence is why I’ve been MIA since Thursday and why this post is going […]