Meant to be?


Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely American friends! While you’re watching football and eating turkey, I’ll be lonely at work and unpacking boxes. Have some pie for me! Almost exactly a month ago I made the decision to 1) buy a place and 2) move. For being a really big decision, everything went surprisingly smooth and […]


If I had the appropriate brain power, I’d start this post by linking to a fabulously scientific article about how the brain can only handle so much at one time and then I’d segue into how I’ve basically been brain-dead all week. With the lack of a scientific article, let’s talk about how I haven’t […]

Sustainable Active Living

My original plan (per CoSchedule) was to give you guys some ideas of Christmas gifts for runners, buuuut, since my move did not quite go as planned, I had all of zero time this weekend to put a post together. Originally, I wasn’t going to post today, but when I saw The Fit Dish topic for […]

I have a secret….

Yay! Stampede grounds!!

This is probably the worst kept secret ever as I wasn’t terribly quiet about it, I just didn’t yell it from the rooftops. Now I’m certain you’re all on the edge of your seats excited, but I promise you, it’s not that exciting. Well, it is for me….. So……. I moved this weekend. Again. That makes it […]

Link Love: 11/22

Good Saturday morning! I hope you’re curled up with a cup of coffee and are ready to read some of my favourite links of the week. Unfortunately my weekend won’t exactly be relaxing – I can’t share all the details yet (I know, more #vagueblogging) but all will be revealed on Monday. (Spoiler: it’s probably […]

Why I Don’t Use a DSLR Camera

DSLR Pros -Cons

About a million years ago when I was married, I also moonlighted as an assistant photographer to my then husband. We had a ton of camera gear, did weddings and family shoots and had a lot of fun creating images. I learned the ins and outs of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Photoshop and what lens […]

Thursday Thoughts

chowder chowdown

Woo-freaking-hoo! One more sleep until Friday….buuuut, I’m off work tomorrow, so I guess today is my Friday! Thursday’s are for being crazy and random and I sure am today! 1. Running and blogging go hand-in-hand. Every time I start a running break (I’m currently on one until late January) I struggle to blog. It’s not […]

A Day in the Life of Merlin


I’ve always enjoyed a peek into the life of other bloggers – seeing how they spend their day-to-day and fit in exercise, food prep (a good 90% of blogs I follow fit into this) and anything else the cram into a day. Since I’m on a break from running I don’t have much exciting to […]

TYT: Vegas


Yay, Tuesday!! A quick disclaimer – I was hoping to show you pictures of my Fabletics outfits and the clothes I picked up in Vegas (hey! I bought clothes in Vegas!) but my house is a mess and I probably spent too long playing on Pinterest, so I didn’t have time to organize and take pictures. […]

Ragnar Vegas Recap


deep breath I’ve been home for a week and I’m still at a bit of a loss for how, exactly, to recap my Ragnar experience. I’m sure I’m going to leave out a ton, but let me say this up front: I loved it and I cannot wait to do another! With that out-of-the-way, let’s […]