Friday Favourites 7/3


I fully intended to post this last week, but I got home on Thursday, cooked dinner, watched Suits (hi, Harvey!), and organized my bedroom. Then it was time for bed and I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures, or proofread my draft. So, it was pushed off for a week. Today I’m jetting off to Ottawa […]

My #BlogFest Buddy (Part 2!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.41.54 PM

HAPPY CANADA DAY!! I obviously needed to get that out of the way before talking about anything else. I’m kicking of Canada Day with a 10k (the longest distance I’ve tacked since my marathon a month ago) and pancakes. Then I’ll be cleaning and organizing my condo because I’m jetting off for a family wedding on […]

What the Eff is Snapchat?


If you’re anything like me, you probably read “snapchat” and groaned inwardly, right?! It’s okay, today we’re a judgment-free zone. I’ll totally admit to being super resistant to Snapchat. I mean, I heard a million times that companies like Snapchat and want bloggers to get on board, but how do you even use it?! When I […]

My #BlogFest Buddy

Alyse 2

Holy moly, you guys, in just sixteen days I’ll be on my way to LA for BlogFest! To say I’m crazy excited is a huge understatement! Today I’m taking some time to introduce y’all to my BlogFest buddy, Alyse! 1. Who are you? Tell us in a brief paragraph who you are / what city you […]

8 Reasons You SHOULD Date a Runner

8 Reasons You

This post is inspired by the post, 8 Reasons You Should Never Date a Runner. While I nodded my head and chuckled at the comments (my feet are gross and I do spend all my money on running gear and races) I think the reasons to date a runner far outweigh the reasons not to. 1. We’ll […]

Pawsitively Fun Run – Recap


It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve popped in with a race recap… reality it’s only been about 3 weeks! I have to admit, I’ve actually been enjoying not running. At first, I really couldn’t run – it took quite a while for my hip to decide it wanted to work without causing me […]

An Interview with the #FitFam

Processed with Moldiv

Hi friends! It’s a good thing today is catch up day, because I missed out on the awesome #FitFam interview last week when I was in Nashville, so I’m pumped to catch up day! Linking up with  Jill Conyers at, & Jessica Joy at for The Fit Dish Link-Up to interview myself. Whee! Learn more about the amazing […]

4 Tips for Sun Safety


Before I dive into the details of the post, I just have two quick housekeeping items to let you know about.  1 – the hard drive in my laptop had been giving me errors for about two weeks so it’s in getting fixed. This means my posts are being drafted in my iPad, so we’ll […]

Mount Royal Village GoodLife Fitness Opening

No race would be complete without a jumping photo!

Last week, right before I jetted off to Nashville, I attending the grand opening of the GoodLife Fitness Mount Royal Village location. After attending the Stephen Avenue opening with Jen in January, I was pumped to be able to scope out another location near me in the hopes I’d be able to fit in even […]

Nashville Recap #CMAFest


Before I dive into recapping my week in Nashville, I thought I should announce the two winners of the GoodLife Fitness passes. I know I said up to 3 passes, but the entries didn’t quite reach my arbitrary threshold, but not to worry – I’m sure you’ll have more chances for passes in the future […]