Link Love: 8/29


Happy Saturday friends! I’m coming to y’all from smokey Lethbridge today. I was originally planning on running the LRPS half marathon, but due to the ridiculous smoke, we all made the smart (but hard) decision to drop down in distance. The smoke was so bad on Friday that I could smell it in my office […]

Friday Favourites 8/28


I feel like it’s been a bit of a downer week in the world. I know by sharing things that make me happy, it won’t change the state of the world, but maybe we can take a pause and reflect on the things that we love and make us happy, too. People Footwear I had […]

Thinking Out Loud


I should probably number these, but…..I don’t. So I’ll just end up having a bazillion posts called Thinking Out Loud without any kind of numbering or date system I’ll give you the heads up that this post is possibly more all over the place than usual. Sometimes that’s just how my brain works 😉 Where’s My […]

Spruce Meadows Run Series: Summer’s Gone – Run On!


For as far back as I can remember, Labour Day has always signaled the end of summer. The Tuesday following Labour Day was back to school, and while the weather was still warm (and technically summer) the mornings had that fall nip in the air. Spruce Meadows recognizes that Labour Day marks the unofficial end […]

Heart Disease: Why It’s Important to Be Healthy NOW

six ways you can prevent heart disease

Occasionally I get a bee in my bonnet about certain things. After my first aid course, I want to talk about heart disease and how it is preventable! This weekend I attended a first aid course, as part of my training to become a marathon coach. The first day of the weekend, we focused on […]

Marathon Training Recap (week 5)


Another Monday comes our way! Today’s post is coming at you a little later than normal. Yesterday I was so tired I didn’t have the energy to sit down and update for Sunday’s run. Yup, I was that tired! I mentioned on Friday that I’m working towards being a running coach, and one of the requirements […]

Becoming a Running Coach


Since I’m starting the final phase of my running coach certification, I thought now would be a great time to talk about the program I used, why I picked it, and what it involves. Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND NAASFP Why I picked it I spent quite a bit of time googling and […]

Thinking Out Loud


Welcome to Thursday where  everything’s random and the content doesn’t matter. (Please tell me you guys watched Whose Line is it Anyway and you get that reference!) Speaking of, I actually really suck at movie references. There are like, three, maybe four, movies that I can quote, but so often people quote movies to me and I […]

SeaWheeze 2015: The Race Recap


  To start, a question: Is it possible to run your best half marathon ever and NOT PR? …think about it… My race did not get off to the start I’d planned. First I spent most of Friday flitting about and on my feet. Realizing I’d left my orthotics at home did not bode well […]

SeaWheeze 2015: The Treats


  This past weekend I was in Vancouver for SeaWheeze, which is probably my most favourite race weekend ever. I’ll admit that last year I was a teeny bit frustrated with the registration process and the lack of items in the store, but I’m happy to say that all seems to have been corrected for […]