Costco Time and Running Recap


I’m currently spending my blogging time making some updates to my site, so if you see anything weird or funky, please let me know! I do my best to check on different browsers and mobile, but there might be an issue on your browser that I don’t see on mine. Leave me a comment, or […]

Reader Survey & Starbucks Card Giveaway


I hinted earlier this week there’d be a survey coming your way, so here it is! The 2015 reader survey (you can expect these annually to keep CGR kicking some butt!). One thing I talked about on Wednesday was the importance of knowing your audience, so that’s what I’m trying to do here. I want to […]

Thinking Out Loud

I’m taking a quick break from talking about BlogFest to talk about randomness. Not to worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my goodies and Tuesday to talk about my IDEA World sessions – there are lots more to come! I’m unreasonably sad about Blake and Miranda splitting I love them as individuals and […]

Top 10 BlogFest Takeaways


A few minutes after publishing my post yesterday I felt sick to my stomach. I feel like I may have come across far more critical than I actually felt. Jamie and Alyse – I recognize the hard work you put into BlogFest and your execution was excellent! I think if I were to condense my post […]

BlogFest 2015 Recap


It feels like I counted down forever to BlogFest, when in reality, I only signed up two months beforehand. And now, here we are, back at home to our daily lives and BlogFest is over. tear Today I’m going to recap my overall thoughts of the experience, tomorrow I’m going to share 10 things I […]

Back from BlogFest

And just like that I’m back in Calgary and back to the real world. Whew. This past week has both flown by and yet it seems like last Monday was about a million years ago. I have a zillion thoughts and plans swirling through my brain and about one million emails (only a slight exaggeration) […]

No Words


This post is unlike what I normally post here, but staying silent didn’t seem right. I hope this explains the silence of the past week and any silence in the coming days. It during times like these I realize how truly amazing my friends are. It’s Tuesday evening. Nearly 10pm. My TV has been on […]

10 Minutes


I’m going to try and keep on going with this whole consistency thing, so thank goodness for Jill and Jessica and the amazing Fit Dish link up! I don’t exactly want to say I’m struggling, but I’ve definitely fallen into a health and fitness rut. Sometimes ruts are a bit more like deep caves and […]

Consistency Revisited


Remember how at the beginning of 2015 I declared this would be my year of consistency? Yeah. Let’s talk about that. At this point, I feel like the only thing I’ve been consistent at is being inconsistent. Here’s a list of things I’ve been inconsistent with: strength training barre spin running – specifically following any […]

Heroes Behind the Heroes – Recap


Good morning and happy Monday! I hope my lovely American friends enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend. I’ve been out-of-town for the past few days (still am) but wanted to pop in a recap my amazing Canada Day race for you all. Now, the day didn’t get off to the smoothest start for me, but […]