Friends? I need to confess something…..and it’s one of those not pretty somethings. I’ve been suffering from a pretty big case of FOMO lately. I am not one to suffer from FOMO. The majority of the time, I’m cool to stay in most evenings….and weekends….and, just generally be anti-social. I mean, I do have a […]

Let’s Catch Up

Coffee Date

It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had a coffee date. So, grab a cup of coffee, or tea (or if it’s 5pm when you’re reading this, for my sake, grab some wine) and let’s catch up.   I was going to tell you that my running hasn’t been awesome lately, but then I […]

It Was Me All Along (Book Review)

it was me all along

Something I absolutely adore about the Internet and blogging is finding hidden gems. Through a discussion on From Left to Write, I learned about Blogging for Books. So long as you have a blog, you can download books for free, but you must review the book before you’re able to download a new one. Seriously, […]

#TheFitDish: My Manifesto


I absolutely adore the Fit Dish linkup hosted by Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy (you’d think I’d join in more often, wouldn’t you?!). I may be a day late and a dollar short late to the party, but I couldn’t not hop in and talk about my fitness manifesto.   Taking an extra week to […]

Motivate Me Monday: 2/23


Happy last Monday in February, friends! Like all of my February recaps, this week wasn’t an awesome training week. I’m sure I can somehow blame that on the month of February. I’m not exactly sure how I can blame a month, but I’m sure it can be done As usual, I’m linking up again with Fitness […]

Link Love: 2/21

You guys are all so sweet. Thank you so much for the kind and awesome comments on my post from Tuesday. I’m in no way planning to leave blogland at all, I’m just trying to find my new normal and how I want everything to fit into my life. Also, my stepping back isn’t blog-related, at […]

Error 404


Okay, not really, this is an actual post, but I’m really just posting to say I’m putting myself in a bit of a timeout. I had an awesome and relaxing weekend and come Monday night, I just didn’t feel like sitting in front of my computer to write a post (it was supposed to be […]

Motivate Me Monday: 2/16


Happy holiday Monday! Oh, it feels like it’s been far too long since I’ve had a long weekend and I’ve so been looking forward to this! I’m quite glad for a new week, since my plan last week just didn’t work. At all. It was pretty much a disaster. As usual, I’m linking up again with […]

Link Love: 2/14

Links that rocked my socks off this week

Happy happy Saturday friends! Also happy Valentine’s Day annnnnd Happy Hockey Day in Canada! Images Because the internet is awesome        This comes out on my birthday weekend, so I’ll be celebrating 32 (yikes!) being aca-awesome. Last Friday Jen was on the news talking about orthorexia. On Monday she asked if anyone had ever […]

A Thinking Out Loud Kinda Day


It’s been a while since I’ve just dumped my thoughts out here and this is the perfect time to do it since I have a ton of awesome things running through my brain! 1. My dad is coming to visit this weekend! I’m super excited and we have lots of awesomeness planned! I’ll be ducking […]