#blogtober14: If I Had a Million Dollars

I can’t remember if I actually mentioned my goal to participate in #blogtober with Taylor and Helene, so if I didn’t, Hey, I’m going to try to participate in #blogtober :)

The Daily Tay

I’m hoping to keep up with my regular posting (whatever that is) and also posting each day for all of the prompts. Sure, you may get sick of me, but I’m cool with that :p


I really can’t call a post If I Had a Million Dollars without making reference to the Barenaked Ladies, so here’s the greatest song ever written.

Or something.



When I was 12 or 13 I was part of a day camp that had an overnight trip to Vancouver. We basically did activities in our hometown and then hopped in a van and took a trip to Vancouver and stayed in dorms. I can’t exactly remember what we did there, but I do remember playing/listening to If I Had a Million Dollars about a hundred thousand times on repeat. I’m sure our camp counsellors absolutely loved us for that.

So, back to the topic at hand – the lottery.

I don’t regularly play the lottery, but sometimes when that pot hits the $50M mark (which I know is silly to only plan then because I surely wouldn’t turn down any amount of free money) I’ll buy a ticket and start fantasizing about what I’d do with the funds.

  • No more winter. I have no idea where I’d go, but I’d surely make sure I wouldn’t have to suffer through any more -40 winters ever again.
  • Buy real estate. I mean, that’s probably a no-brainer. I’m sure anyone who dreams of winning money would either buy a house or pay off an existing home because being mortgage free would be amazing.
  • All of the trips. In case you haven’t noticed, I really like to travel. My list of places I want to travel to is about a mile long and my wallet is not that big, so winning the lottery would mean I could pretty much travel anywhere I please and I’d be sure to do it. I won’t even bother writing out my list because if you can think of a cool place – it’s probably on my list!

Those are really my top three. Of course I’d donate to charity and help out some friends and family, but I also wouldn’t become the Bank of Angela. 

Looking at my list it seems a bit….simple….I suppose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that happiness doesn’t come from possessions, or living in a fancy house. I’m in charge of making myself happy and while money might give me more opportunities, I don’t see it vastly improving my happiness.

What three things would you do if you won the lottery?

blogtober14 prompts

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Doing Grownup Things

I waver between using this blog as a personal space to just chat about things, and wanting it to be somewhat more profession with Pinteresty images and useful information.

This post is more of the personal space type for today – hopefully I’ll be back next week with some actual food that I ate :) Had I remembered to bring my camera with me while out and about (said the Canadian way) with Heather over the weekend, I could have shown y’all some pictures of the amazing food we ate. But I didn’t, and I assume a bulleted list would very much not be helpful.

If you assume we drank a lot of beer given my Instagram posts, you would be correct.

Since I’m back in Calgary for most of October (save for the two weekends I’m racing out of town) I figured I should put on my big girl panties and finish unpacking/organizing the condo I’ve been in for the past two months.

When I moved from 600 sq ft to 800 sq ft I thought I’d have way more room to put things and to organize. 

Not. Even. Close. Like, at all.

I’ve really been struggling with finding places to put things, and I honestly don’t feel like I have a lot of stuff – I just have virtually no place to put things. My biggest challenge has been my kitchen because I have all of two cupboards. Seriously. Two. Even after buying two free-standing cabinets, I still don’t have room for everything.

Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So anyway, I’ve decided to just sit down (figuratively speaking, of course) and deal with it.

Last night I started by organizing my living room area, next up is my kitchen table (aka – dumping ground), and then I’ll move onto the kitchen. The final area I’ll be dealing with is my storage nook. My initial plan was to use it as an office area, but it’s become pretty clear I’ll need to leave some of my less frequently used items in bins until I move (I’m hoping for sometime in the spring!).

Once all that is done, I hope to finally (yes, finally!) share some pictures of my new place. I could #keepitreal and just post pictures as-is, but I have to draw the line somewhere, and I suppose this is my line.

What are your best tips organizing with a lack of space and organizational items?

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And….I’m back

I’m pretty sure I’ve stated countless times over this summer that I’m awful at blogging on the road. I don’t foresee that changing in the near future, so that’s just how it’s going to have to go :)

I could have blogged on Monday, but I really wanted time to sit and reflect back on what was probably in the top 3 weekends of my life. 

Yes, I tend to exaggerate. No, I’m not exaggerating about this.

I wish I could just transplant my favourite people into one place so we could hang out and laugh until our stomachs hurt all the time.

And eat all the food, because that’s basically what we did.

Chat. Laugh. Eat. Repeat.

Pure perfection.

I know there are some people out there interested about the wedding and let me tell you – it was perfect.

I made the mistake of looking at the groom as he was walking down the aisle and I was done. Done. There was no recovering from that.

Much of this weekend was filled with inside jokes, which I can assure you would in no way translate, so you’ll just have to trust me that it truly was fabulous.

A highlight?

Through an extremely random series of events, managing to get a ride back to our hotel with some very kind police officers. However, it wasn’t a cop car, it was an ATV.

I’m pretty sure Heather and I laughed for an hour after that. 

It was amazing.

And now I am home and it’s back to the real world for me.

Broken AC in my rental and a rainy Tuesday.

Hey world, how are you doin’?

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Eating Intuitively

Last week I tried something a bit different when it came to eating. Normally I very scheduled and like to eat certain things at certain times. In the past this has caused quite a bit of stress for me when I wasn’t able to eat what I wanted when I wanted.

I decided I didn’t want to add that stress to my life while I was out of town, so I picked up some healthy food and decided to wing it the rest of the time.

Because I was listening to what my body wanted, I was able to not stuff myself at lunch or dinner. I was able to make choices based upon what my body wanted and not based upon feeling badly for eating or feeling like I needed to eat ALL THE FOOD.

eating intuitively

I was really surprised at how well this worked for me. I don’t feel like I over ate (although, I may have had one too many biscuits at Red Lobster, but that was for the soul) even though the food choices for dinners weren’t always awesome and the portions were usually insane. 

I thought I was doing okay at listening to my signals, but this trip showed that I was definitely over indulging throughout the weeks, especially in the evenings. I love my sweets and dessert and sometimes I might make that handful of M&M’s a bit bigger than it needs to be. Actually listening to my body showed me I can really be satisfied with less.

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and I wasn’t overly hungry. I had a few bites of guacamole (we knew we weren’t going to finish it, but it’s so darn good that we just had to order it) and ate enough of my lunch to feel satisfied. I’m previously a card-carrying member of the “clean plate club,” no matter how full I would be, so this is a pretty big step for me.


I’m sure this won’t always be easy and I’m pretty certain I’ll overeat at times, but I’m hoping this will help me get well on my way to eating what my body needs, rather than just eating because it’s there.

Do you eat intuitively?

Have you ever struggled with listening to your body?


I’m also linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday

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Favourite Products for Fine Hair

If you’re looking at the title and are scratching your head wondering what the heck a running blog is doing talking about hair products, never fear, you are in the right place.

I’m actually a makeup junkie (as evidenced by the red VIB Rouge card in my wallet #sorrynotsorry) and lately it’s been a goal of mine to finally, at 31, learn how to do more than just dry my hair.

cowgirl runs products for fine hair

Thankfully I have a totally amazing hair stylist who always recommends the most fabulous products for my hair. My hair is odd in that it’s fine, but I have a lot of it. So it may look like I have thick and luxurious hair, sadly, I do not (that’s Danielle’s job). Since I tend to run at lunch (runch!) or in the evenings, and I don’t like to wash my hair every day (yup, I’m gross) any product that will extend the life of my hair is a winner in my book!

Here are my top 3 fabulous products for extending the life of your hair, for life or for running :)

Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry All Style

bumble and bumble all style

Blow Dry All Style is a creme, but it’s totally okay to put this stuff on your roots! Since my hair is fine, it can be pretty limp at the roots. This stuff magically has some powder to soak up that oil and give some oomph at the roots. Oh yeah!

Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Finish

bumble and bumble dry spun finish

Dry Spun Finish is by far the most amazing hair product I’ve ever come across. I don’t know how it does it, but it gives your hair some major pizzazz! I like to shoot it at my roots, flip my head upside-down to poof up the roots and then BAM! sex hair. Oh yeah, I said it – sex hair. You know you want it ;)

Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder

bumble and bumble pret a poweder

Pret a Powder is a freaking lifesaver for those lunch time runs. If I remember beforehand, I shake a bit on my ‘do before leaving in the morning, otherwise, I’ll pop it in my run bag. Just shake some on my roots, give it a rub and the oil is gonzo!

What are some of your favourite hair products?


Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday because good hair is always a treat!

Winner winner!

The winner of my Stridebox giveaway is below. Please email me your address so I can send it out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Marathon Monday: 9/22

And….here we go. Monday again.

Lucky for me I have a 3-day work week and then I’ll be hopping on a plane for a WEDDING! I’ve been sending Ann and Heather countdown tweets and I’m sure they super duper love that. Heh.

Only 3 more sleeps (well, 2.5 for me if we consider I’ll be waking up at 4am on Thursday to hop on a plane) AHHHHHHH! :)


Even with my travel last week, I have to say, I’m fairly pleased with how things went training-wise. I certainly didn’t hit what I was “supposed to” per my training plan, but I’ll get over it.

Monday – 30 min Nike +
Tuesday – 4 mile run
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 45 min Nike +
Friday – off
Saturday – off
Sunday – 4 mile run

I fully plan on upping my runs and cross training for the three days I’m in town this week. I’m giving myself a pass on the weekend because wedding and all that. I’m sure there will be walking and dancing, so I’ll call that good.

How did your training go this week?

Do you have a favourite app for working out on the road?

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Link Love: 9/21

Let me tell you, I am so glad to be home!

I’ve definitely been more sporadic than intended on posting these link love posts. This week I didn’t have much time to even read blogs, so that’s why this is delayed – oh the joys of working out of town.

Let me tell you, Merlin was one happy kitty when I got home on Friday night. He spent nearly all night sleeping on me and attempted to burrow his head in the crook of my elbow just to get closer to me.

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10 Toxic Behaviours That Kill Your Confidence via Marc and Angel Hack Life <– another super amazing post by Marc and Angel. I like to include excerpts, but then I find myself wanting to copy and paste everything so just do yourself a favour and click over and give it a read.

Needing to always be right. –  Confident people take a stand not because they think they’re always right, but because they’re not scared to be wrong.  Cocky, conceited people tend to take a position and then preach, argue, and totally disregard differing opinions or points of view.  They “know” they’re right (even when they’re wrong) and they want (actually, they need) you to know it too.  Their behavior isn’t a sign of confidence, though; it’s the trademark of a bully.  Truly confident people don’t mind being proven wrong.  They know that finding out what is right is a lot more important than being right.  And when they’re wrong, they’re secure enough to back down graciously and appreciate the lesson learned.

Making Plans is Difficult Nowadays via Kottke <– this. So much yes.

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Here’s the Problem with Your Excuses via A Life Less Bullshit

An excuse is only an excuse if you use it as a reason not to do what you say you want to do. 

Did that blow your mind like it did mine?!

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What links did you love this week?

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Blogging on the Road

Finding out I couldn’t access WordPress online from my work assigned laptop put a bit of a kink in my blogging addiction.


Sure, I could have pre-written my posts, but I do quite like writing on the fly. Sometimes that means I’ll have a random day without content, but my goal isn’t for my blog to be my job. It’s a hobby and a hobby I really quite enjoy.

I really wanted to be able to continue blogging in Lima, so off to the internet I went to find some fabulous blogging apps. Sure there’s WordPress for iPad, but it’s not the most user friendly app, especially when it comes to inserting images in posts.

Enter Blogsy.

It’s not a free app, but it also means I don’t need to muck around in HTML and can easily add pictures and links in my posts, so I’ll say it’s worth it for $5!


I also realized I wanted to be able to include Pinterest worthy images in my blog (an ongoing goal of mine) but didn’t have access to PicMonkey via my iPad (and I didn’t want to create images in my computer and then email them to my iPad because that’s silly).

Again, I did some googling and discovered Rhonna Designs.

Of course it also wasn’t free, but seemed quite worth the $1.99 price tag to make some spiffy images on my iPad. I also love using Unsplash for images as they’re beautiful and all royalty free!

Seriously, so beautiful!!

Do you have any favourite apps for mobile blogging?






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Pros and Cons of Travelling for Work

Have I mentioned I'm travelling for work this week?


Maybe once or twice? ;)


Have you also gotten the impression that I don't particularly enjoy travelling for work?


Since today is all about rambling on and on (and on) I thought I'd write list of some of the pros and cons about travelling for work.




1. No making the bed. (Not that I do at home, but at least I'm not lazy when I'm in a hotel).

2. Snacks and meals while laying in bed and watching TV (no TV in the bedroom for this gal).

3. Trader Joe's (assuming 1) I'm in the US and 2) there's a TJ's in the area).

4. No need to clean the kitchen because no dishes!

5. Panera Bread.

6. Earning travel rewards.




1. Eating out every meal.

2. Running on the treadmill at the hotel because it's not always safe to run outside.

3. Airports and flight delays.

4. No Merlin :(

5. Staying in a town that doesn't have Target or Trader Joe's.

6. Packing.

7. Unpacking.

8. Expense reports.


What are your favourite and least favourite parts about travelling for work?



p style=”text-align: center;”> I'm linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud today.



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Eating Healthy on the Road

The week before heading out of town for a week, I had a pretty off week.

On top of the crazy snowstorm we had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I also kind of ate everything in sight. It happens, sometimes (well, more often than not) it happens, oh, about once a month.


I’ve travelled quite a bit for work in the past and the novelty of going out to eat 3x a day for 5 days wears off pretty quickly. I also knew the food selections in Lima would be……lacking. I’ve done my best to set myself up for some healthy choices during the week to minimize the damage done by eating out while on the road.

I also brough my Nike + app (my favourite for quick workouts on the road!), my yoga mat and my runners in the hopes I’ll be able to squeeze in some quick workouts at the hotel.

I started off our arrival by requesting a stop at Trader Joe’s, even though it was 20 miles in the opposite direction from where we were staying – I didn’t think anyone would be in too big of a hurry to get to Lima ;)
I picked up some bananas, grapes, water, Greek yogurt and…..some treats to bring home.
We also made a stop at WalMart where I picked up more water, more Greek yogurt (hello pumpkin spice Chobani!) and more treats to bring home :)

I’ve been starting my days with VegaOne (from home) and a banana. This is followed up by some Greek yogurt and some kind of fruit for a snack.

I also managed to convince one of my (two) coworkers that we should try to hit up Panera for lunch every day. I know it’s not the healthiest options, but the other options seem to be burgers, McDonalds and Burger King, so I’ve reasoned it’s the healthiest of the bunch ;) (well, provided I stay away from the OMG mac and cheese and cookies it is).

As for dinners? I’m rolling with it. I know I can’t force my food choices on everyone all the time, and with a town as small as Lima the options are limited, so we’ve hit up Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse thus far, with a mexican place and Red Lobster on the list for the rest of this week. (Fun fact: I’ve never eaten at a Red Lobster before, I’m told I’m missing out on those cheddar bay biscuits, so I might have to sacrifice my pants for some biscuits one evening).

It’s certainly far from perfect, but I’m taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water and just doing my best to keep it somewhat healthy.

How do you manage travel and eating healthy?

One last awesome thing before I go!


Vega is holding the coolest contest, like ever. No joke.

Ever wanted a Vitamix?! Well now is your chance to win one…..and more!
(I’m sure missing my Blendtec on the road!)

What can you win?
– Vega for a year
– Vitamix blender
– So Delicious pack
– Justin’s nut butter pack

( more details here)

How do you enter?

  1. Follow Vega on Pinterest
  2. Create YOUR OWN Board Titled: Best Smoothie Recipes
  3. Pin & Tag 10 (or more) of your fave smoothies using #BestSmoothie #VegaSmoothie
  4. Submit your name, e-mail address and link to your board here.

You can check out my board here!

Finally, one last thing. Vega will be hosting a Twitter chat tonight from 3pm-5pm PDT (6pm-8pm EDT). I’m going to do my best to chime in because smoothies!!


Finally, I’m linking up for WIAW with Jenn!


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